No man is an island, entire of itself.

John Donne

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MyHub Intranet

Special Thanks go to MyHub Intranet, our business partners, friends, and supporters from Auckland, New Zealand, who provide an intranet software, along with an employee action plan for the benefit of the entire workforce.
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Word Grabber

Special Thanks to the people operating, a set ot word generators like this Scrabble Word Finder or this useful Word Unscrambler Tool. If you also play word games, you should definitely check out this site!
Travelguide Marrakech

Travelguide Marrakech

Cheers to the guys behind Travelguide Marrakech, a comprehensive, interesting and helpful guide for everyone, who's going to visit Morocco, especially the capital Marrakech. Pro Tip: Check out the Saadian Tombs, if you're around.


It's not a big secret, that I'm into K-Pop and is on its best way to become a great source for profiles of our beloved stars, lyrics of our favorite songs and reviews of our admired music albums. Also available in German.