22. May 2024
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Get a Weta

Weta, the world famous design studio responsible for a lot of cool stuff from Avatar, District 9, and – above all – Lord of the Rings hosts a great guided tour these days: “Wētā Workshop Remembers: 20 years in Middle-earth”.

Needless to say we took part in this great adventure and followed an entertaining and well-informed tour guide through the “Weta Workshop Group Space” that is absolutely crammed with statues, figures, armor, weapons and other cool stuff. Everything with a clear focus on Lord of The Rings. Amazing!

Although we weren’t allowed to take pictures (the images above were shot in the attached shop), the tour guide allowed us to touch literally everything, no matter if it was fake orc blood, the remaining pieces of Narsil or hairy Hobbit feet. 😅 That’s what I call a hands-on experience!

Of course we also bought a nice souvenir from the shop. I mean, who can resist these cute cricket eyes? 😁

Our new Giant Weta (yes, they actually named their company after this endemic animal group) is now posing for our pictures. Sweet as!

Fred Vanterra

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