13. June 2024
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Christchurch it is

The last couple of weeks felt like being a judge of a city contest. Timaru – dismissed! Ashburton – good performance! Auckland – failed the finals! Truth is, we didn’t travel across NZ to get soaked by its beauty, no, we tried to find a good place to live, a city that suits our needs.

And the winner is…


Maybe it was love at first sight, maybe our master spreadsheet with all its pros and cons was tipping the scale or maybe it was just a gut feeling leading us there. No matter what it was, the decision has been made: We will build our base in ChCh.

Now, travelling will shift into daily life, suitcases will give way to shelves and closets and regular updates on this blog will convert into sporadic stories or throwbacks – until the next trip. 😎

It was a pleasure sharing this adventure with you and please stay tuned for future postings and feel free to browse through the archives of my journey through Europe, Asia or anywhere.



Fred Vanterra

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