13. June 2024
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Archive - December 2023

Christchurch it is

The last couple of weeks felt like being a judge of a city contest. Timaru – dismissed! Ashburton – good performance! Auckland – failed the finals! Truth is, we didn’t travel across NZ to get soaked by its beauty, no, we tried to find a good place to live, a city that suits our needs. And the winner is… Christchurch! Maybe it was love at...

Auckland from above

… and up we go!

Don’t freak out, please! Neither because of the height nor because of Mr. Wonka in the background. 😅

Auckland CBD and pretty much everything beyond.

The famous Mount Eden, Auckland’s most beautiful natural observatory deck.

… and finally, Auckland Waterfront and Mount Rangitoto.

Much to tell about Parnell

Where to begin… Well, after the CBD of Auckland left us in a state of disappointment and disbelief, we decided to take a step to the side and start exploring the districts orbiting the city centre. Starting in Newmarket, which is pretty much a “telling name” (It’s basically a huge shopping mall), we’ve arrived in Parnell shortly after...

Behind the Façades

If you boil down the palette of Auckland’s central business district, you’ll pretty much end up with a lot of blue and green. Pretty, hum? However, if you take a closer look, the shiny façade of Auckland begins to crumble. Compared to 2016, when we’ve seen Bew Zealand biggest city for the last time, a lot of things went straight to the wrong...

Weta unleashed

Remember me exploring the Weta Workshop Group Space in Wellington? That was a great experience, but attending the “Weta Unleashed Special Screening Event” in Auckland today was the cherry on top. Today, a good bunch of Tolkien enthusiasts had the chance to see “The Return of The King”, the third part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, on a big...

Get a Weta

Weta, the world famous design studio responsible for a lot of cool stuff from Avatar, District 9, and – above all – Lord of the Rings hosts a great guided tour these days: “Wētā Workshop Remembers: 20 years in Middle-earth”. Needless to say we took part in this great adventure and followed an entertaining and well-informed tour guide through...