13. June 2024
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Archive - 2023

Christchurch it is

The last couple of weeks felt like being a judge of a city contest. Timaru – dismissed! Ashburton – good performance! Auckland – failed the finals! Truth is, we didn’t travel across NZ to get soaked by its beauty, no, we tried to find a good place to live, a city that suits our needs. And the winner is… Christchurch! Maybe it was love at...

Auckland from above

… and up we go!

Don’t freak out, please! Neither because of the height nor because of Mr. Wonka in the background. 😅

Auckland CBD and pretty much everything beyond.

The famous Mount Eden, Auckland’s most beautiful natural observatory deck.

… and finally, Auckland Waterfront and Mount Rangitoto.

Much to tell about Parnell

Where to begin… Well, after the CBD of Auckland left us in a state of disappointment and disbelief, we decided to take a step to the side and start exploring the districts orbiting the city centre. Starting in Newmarket, which is pretty much a “telling name” (It’s basically a huge shopping mall), we’ve arrived in Parnell shortly after...

Behind the Façades

If you boil down the palette of Auckland’s central business district, you’ll pretty much end up with a lot of blue and green. Pretty, hum? However, if you take a closer look, the shiny façade of Auckland begins to crumble. Compared to 2016, when we’ve seen Bew Zealand biggest city for the last time, a lot of things went straight to the wrong...

Weta unleashed

Remember me exploring the Weta Workshop Group Space in Wellington? That was a great experience, but attending the “Weta Unleashed Special Screening Event” in Auckland today was the cherry on top. Today, a good bunch of Tolkien enthusiasts had the chance to see “The Return of The King”, the third part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, on a big...

Get a Weta

Weta, the world famous design studio responsible for a lot of cool stuff from Avatar, District 9, and – above all – Lord of the Rings hosts a great guided tour these days: “Wētā Workshop Remembers: 20 years in Middle-earth”. Needless to say we took part in this great adventure and followed an entertaining and well-informed tour guide through...

Life is a Beach

What a difference a day makes. On the previous day, we’ve been visiting New Brighton Beach, the longest and closest coastal strip from Christchurch CBD. And, oh boy, not gonna lie, I’ve never been on such a sordid esplanade with so many closed shops and bad vibes, I didn’t even bother to take pictures delivering you a visual proof. Luckily, it...